Calculate Your Water Ways

Understanding where and how much water we use is the first step in beginning to conserve one of our most precious resources. This simple home water check up will allow you to understand household consumption, both indoors and outdoors. After calculating your water patterns, you can begin to conserve in ways that work best for your life style.

Indoor Water Use


Total number of showers taken each day by members of your household, times the average number of minutes spent in the shower, times four gallons per minute equals water used for household showers each day.
Gallons used in the shower: ___showers/day x ____minutes x 4 gallons/minute = ____


Total number of baths taken each day by members of the household, times 40 gallons equals daily water used for baths.
Gallons used in baths: ____baths/day x 36 gallons =_____


Total number of people in household, times four flushes, times gallons per flush equals daily water used in household toilet.
Gallons used for flushing: ___people x 4 flushes/day x 4 gallons/flush = ____


Total number of household members that use faucets to shave, brush teeth, and wash hands faucets, times average minutes used, times three gallons per minute equals total gallons used daily through faucets.
Gallons used daily from faucets: ___people x ____minutes x 3 gallons/minute = ____


Number of loads of laundry done each week, times 55 gallons of water per load equals gallons used per week. Divide the total by seven to determine daily consumption.
Gallons used daily for laundry: ___loads/week x 40 gallons/load ÷ 7 days/week = ____


Number of times dishwasher is used each week, times 15 gallons per load equals water used each week by the dishwasher. Divide amount by seven to determine daily consumption.
Gallons used daily by dishwasher: ____loads/week x 13 gallons/load ÷ 7 day/week= ____

Hand Washing

Dishes Number of times dishes are washed by hand each day, times three gallons per minute, times average number of minutes water runs equals water used in daily dish washing.
Gallons used in daily dish washing: ___times/day x ____minutes x 3 gallons/min.= ______

Estimated Gallons of Indoor Water Use:

  • Gallons used in showers ______
  • Gallons used in baths ______
  • Gallons used in toilet flushing ______
  • Gallons used in faucets ______
  • Gallons used in laundry ______
  • Gallons used in dishwasher ______
  • Gallons used in hand washing ______
  • Estimated total gallons of water used indoors ______

Outdoor Water Use

Lawn and Landscape Watering

Number of times each week lawn and landscape is watered, times the number of minutes of watering, times three gallons per minute. Divide by seven to calculate daily water use.
Gallons used watering daily: ___times/week x ____total minutes x 3 gallons/minute = ____ ÷ 7 days/week = _______

Other Outdoor Water Uses

A lot of water is used outdoors for wash cars, fill the pool, rinse outdoor furniture, clean equipment, and other household uses. Calculate all water use outdoors at a rate of 10 gallons per minute.
Gallons used outdoors: ____uses x _____minutes x 10 gallons/minute ÷ 7 days/week = ______

Estimated Gallons of Outdoor Water Use:

  • Gallons used to water lawn and landscape daily ______
  • Gallons used outdoors for other activities daily _____
  • Estimated total gallons of water used outdoors daily______

Total Daily Water Use for Your Home

INDOORS:_____Gallons/Day + OUTDOORS:_____Gallons/Day=______

Top Three Water Users In and Around Your Home:

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