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Welcome to UF/IFAS Citrus County Extension!  For newcomers to Extension, Citrus County Extension is a federal, state, and local partnership that provides research-based information from the University of Florida to the citizens of Citrus County. Citrus County Board of County Commissioners generously provides a place to work and the funding to carry out our programs.

Citrus County Extension serves as a link between university research and the local community by providing a wide variety of educational opportunities for adults and youth of Citrus County. Educational programs are directed at broad national and state concerns, as well as a focus on locally determined and citizen influenced priorities in areas such as lawns and gardens, nutrition and wellness, financial management, natural resources, Florida-friendly practices, and youth development (4-H).

BJ Jarvis

County Extension Director, Horticulture Faculty

Telephone: 352-527-5714

Funding Source: UF 60% Citrus County 40%

BJ Jarvis is the Director of Citrus County Extension and the horticulture faculty for specialized programs in Citrus County University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service.


Sarah Ellis

Extension Agent I - Family and Consumer Sciences

Telephone: 352-527-5713

Funding Source: UF 50% Citrus County 50%


Dr. Marnie Ward

Extension Agent I - 4-H

Telephone: 352-527-5712

Funding Source:UF 13% Citrus County 87%


Steven Davis

Florida Yards and Neighborhood Coordinator

Telephone: 352-527-5708


Betsy King

Office Coordinator

Telephone: 352-527-5720
E-mail: betsyking@ufl.edu


Crysta Henry

4-H Program Secretary

Telephone: 352-527-5722
E-mail: chenry006@ufl.edu


Stephanie Clamer

FCS Program Assistant

Telephone: 352-527-5710
E-mail: sclamer@ufl.edu


Clay Cooper

Agriculture Program Assistant

Telephone: 352-527-5721
E-mail: coop1632@ufl.edu

Office Address

3650 W. Sovereign Path
Suite 1
Lecanto, FL 34461

See map


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact Numbers

Office: 352-527-5700
Fax: 352-527-5748



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