Getting Involved With 4-H

Clubs are the foundation of 4-H. A 4-H club is a group of five or more youngsters guided by one or more adults. A club can be any size--from a small group of kids from the same neighborhood to a large group of youth from within the county. They can meet in any location from the leader’s home, to a church, or County building.


What do kids in a 4-H club do?

Depending on members' interests they choose projects on such topics as livestock, gardening, woodworking, bicycle care and safety, photography, aerospace and model rocketry and much more. 4-H members build life skills like decision-making, communication, citizenship, and leadership through their project experiences. They also meet new friends, and--most important--have lots of fun!

What age do I have to be to join 4-H?

Youth ages 5 - 18 (as of September 1 of the current year), can be 4-H club members and can enroll in many different 4-H projects.

How can I be part of a 4-H club?

There are three different ways to become part of a 4-H club:

  • Join an existing 4-H club in your area.
  • Start a new 4-H club with your friends and neighbors.
  • Start a 4-H club at your school, afterschool, or another location, like a military base.

For information about how to start or join a club in your area, please contact your Citrus County Extension 4-H Office by calling 527-5712 or email  Marnie Ward the 4-H agent.

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